Italian is Easy

I’ve come to the conclusion that Italian is a fairly easy language to learn, compared to others.  Go ahead and put Spanish right up there as well due to the similarities between the two.  Here are the reasons why:

  • only two genders
  • simple noun-adjective agreement
  • no declension of nouns
  • verb conjugations are mostly regular

Yes, Italian has irregular verbs and some strange ways to use their pronouns, however, for the most part, Italian is a very “do-able” language and I am enjoying learning it.


I’m Back! Italian Project

Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of updating this blog and I’ll forego giving you the standard litany of excuses of why people don’t update regularly.  However, I did want to get you up to speed as to what I’ve been doing all year in terms of my language learning.

I completely dropped Spanish for the time being.  Frankly, I wasn’t feeling it and I have no cultural background to the language at all.  Although, Spanish is such an important world language, especially in the United States, I am committed to learning it at some point.

What I did do is start an Italian project!  The are several reasons why I want to achieve some level of fluency in Italian:

  • My mother’s side of the family is originally from Italy.
  • I have visited Italy and wish to return.
  • I LOVE Italian food.
  • I live in Connecticut, where a lot of Italian-speaking people live.
  • Which is close to New York City, where even more Italian-speaking people live.

So, I want to chart my progress and my attempt to become as fluent as possible in the Italian language.  My next post will go into what tools I am using to accomplish this task.