History of Japan

I subscribe to Tim Ferriss’ 5-Bullet Friday emails which I highly recommend simply because I find it interesting seeing what other people are reading, watching, listening to, etc. You can subscribe at his website, If you don’t know who this guy is, check out his website and blog.

Today, he mentioned a 9-minute video on the History of Japan. Now before you pre-judge. I just watched it and it’s fast and hilarious, while at the same goes through the entire history of Japan. For 9 minutes of your life, it’s worthwhile.

Pimsleur Italian – A Brief Review


I think Pimsleur is still one of the best language learning tools available. Other than the fact that I can listen to it in my car, the spaced repetition method and forced repeating of everything in each 30 minute lesson not only bonds the language to my 45 year old brain, but also greatly helps with my pronunciation.

The catch is that you have to do it regularly. I am no saint and have been known to slack-off from time to time,

slacking offbut I really do try and keep up with it.

My first go around with Pimsleur was a few years ago when I almost completed the Italian course and was well into the advanced Spanish. Just recently, I started Italian again from lesson one. Yes it is basic for me, but anything will help and I can’t see myself jumping back into advanced Italian without brushing up a little.

One awesome added bonus is now my wife, The Quaint Mommy, has started listening to the lessons! I NEED someone to practice with so I am forcing highly-encouraging her to keep up with it.