Application Accepted!

After last Thursday’s Civil Air Patrol meeting, I Fedexed my application and fingerprint card to National Headquarters. As of today, I am officially in the system! I’m in! CAP still needs to perform the criminal background check, but assuming that I am in fact, not a criminal, I can begin my Civil Air Patrol journey.

After receiving my welcome email, I had to click on a link to set up my eServices account, which is the heart of the system. First, it asked me to set up a password and verify my personal information. I then reviewed a brief Powerpoint file so that I could click a button promising that I would never divulge “critical information” to unauthorized parties. I suppose that even though CAP is not combat-oriented, it is still military. A part of the “Total Force”.

After sending a quick email to my Commander letting giving him a status on my progress, I downloaded the Level 1 – Orientation Course which is the first thing that all new senior members need to do upon being accepted into CAP. It’s 75 pages but I am going to try to get through it all tonight, or at least before the next squadron meeting.


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