History of Japan

I subscribe to Tim Ferriss’ 5-Bullet Friday emails which I highly recommend simply because I find it interesting seeing what other people are reading, watching, listening to, etc. You can subscribe at his website, If you don’t know who this guy is, check out his website and blog.

Today, he mentioned a 9-minute video on the History of Japan. Now before you pre-judge. I just watched it and it’s fast and hilarious, while at the same goes through the entire history of Japan. For 9 minutes of your life, it’s worthwhile.

Back Again!

After a two and one-half year hiatus, I am back again blogging.  However, I am completely changing the theme of this blog.  As you can see from past posts, I tried to do a foreign language learning blog.  I’m going to keep the language posts active for posterity and now simply blog about being a 44 year-old man.  I like to cook, dress well and learn new things.  I am also recently engaged to a wonderful woman who is the love of my life.  So, she will get some blog time as well.